Frequently Asked Questions

A meal planning service unique to others that implements 20 core ingredients per week and provides 3 healthy recipes a day for a low service cost.

Save time and money by making the most out of every ingredient and stop throwing away food. Plus take back time for more important things in your life.

You would choose which subscription fits you best then we provide weekly menus, shopping lists, recipes and cooking instructions plus the ability to choose from 9 alternate recipes provided. You will also receive online and mobile access.


Other meal plans require several shopping trips, hunting at specialty stores for items not easily found, meal plans consisting of 60-80 ingredient shopping lists (usually for dinner recipes only), cook times ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, hidden fees after you sign up for extra meals (such as breakfast and/or lunch).

Our plan takes all that fuss out! 20 ingredients that are nutritious and easily found that you can cook up in 20 minutes or less. With 2020 meals, there’s no red tape, no hidden or extra fees. Healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes for 7 days is what you pay for and that’s what you get! Choose the plan that works best for you and start reaping the rewards today!


Our users can expect to maintain a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank. We’re the plan to subscribe to for kitchen creations that won’t utilize precious time. Our goal for members is to cut down on wasted groceries by using every ingredient to it’s fullest.

Other meal plans demand boundless amounts of time in the kitchen and require you to shop at several stores, oftentimes for just one meal. Our plan aims to take that out of the equation. With only 20 core ingredients each week on your shopping list and 20 minute cook times our service makes it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle without your social life going down the drain.

If you’ve lived with the guilt of throwing away groceries that go bad before you can cook them, our program is for you! If you’re tired of the downward spiral of unhealthy eating or if you’re having trouble finding the time to cook, then look no further! We’re the answer!


No, we do not have contracts. You can cancel at any time. When you do cancel you will have service up until the date your billing cycle ends. For example, if you signed up on the 3rd of the month and canceled on the 15th, you would still have service until the 3rd of the next month. We bill for our service in monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly increments with auto-renewal based on which plan you chose.

Our meals consist of anywhere between 1200-1600 calories per day. However, we try not to focus on the calorie intake because our recipes are paleo and gluten free based which in turn allows for proper digestion and full nutrient absorption.