Feb 16, 2016   Kamryn Walden   2020 Meals Tips

6 Ways to Save Money on your Weekly Grocery Bill

We can all relate to that once a week grocery store trip with an astounding $100+ bill. We think how in the world did I spend that much? I'm only shopping for ____! Well, here are six easy ways to save you money on your grocery bill.

1. Plan ahead of time. Make a shopping list of exactly what you need to buy and stick to the list. One of the biggest issues is we end up going to the store without knowing what to buy and start adding unneeded items to our cart or we "think" we need this item when we really don't. So, stick to the list and buy only that!

2. Write down the item price. When you add an item to your cart right down the price so you will know for next time how much it cost so you can have an estimated grocery bill for the next go around. We tend to eat the same things a lot of time, so this should be a rather simple task.

3. Buy in season produce. When buying fresh produce plan your meals around what is in season. Typically the cost of produce increases when the item is not in season and makes a huge difference on your grocery bill. Here is an in season chart provided by Cuesa.

4. Buy frozen produce. Instead of opting in for fresh fruits and veggies venture to the frozen section. What's really great about buying frozen produce is it's actually packed at the peak of freshness and is typically sold in higher quantities at a lower price.

5. Cut the excess fat. Always buy fresh meat at the butcher counter. When you do, ask them to trim any excess fat off before weighing it. People don't realize that they're paying for unnecessary weight which just adds to the price.

6. Invest in a Food Saver or food vacuum sealer. When you get home from the grocery store be sure to vacuum seal all of your meats individually. What this does is keep it fresher for a longer period of time in the freezer and in turn will not get freezer burnt and ruin the meat.

These are the top ways that I've saved money on my grocery bill when meal planning for my family and I hope it does the same for you! Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube for more tips!

Written by Kamryn Walden