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What Should I Have to Eat Today? Hmm....

Admit it. You ask yourself that question every day. Right? It's become a modern plague. We don't have time to cook for ourselves and the trash on offer at the store in the form of ready meals, well you know. It doesn't look very good, taste very good and let's face it, if it sits on a shelf for weeks and stays fresh it can't be very good. Problem is cooking from scratch takes too long, the recipes are hard to follow and it's almost impossible to get it all in a convenient place to use for reference.

2020 Meals is a meal planning service that simplifies your meal time and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Imagine having set meals available at your finger tips. We use a 20 core ingredient shopping list with recipes taking 20 minutes or less to cook. This means you don't have to pull your hair out choosing what to eat every day or what to buy to make it. All of our meals are designed to be extremely simple with a burst of flavor so you can actually enjoy what you are eating.

If you don't like the set meals, no worries, you can head on over to your online planner and ditch anything you don't like. Swap meals in and out as much as you want. Just gather your shopping list and you can have all your meals set and ready to go for the week. Easy as shop, prep, cook!

Eating ready meals is not the way forward, and even eating out is getting too expensive. You know that already. So why don't you start doing something different this year?

Why don't you cook for yourself, but in an easy, step by step way. With a little guidance and help you could be eating 3 square meals a day that your body will love.

It's time to get smart about what you eat, so let's start now!


Super Foodie Plan
The Chef Plan
  • Online & Mobile Planner Access
  • Online & Mobile Planner Access
  • Easy Shopping Lists
  • Interactive Meal Planner
  • Meals Organized For You
  • Easy Shopping Lists
  • New Menus Every Week
  • New Menus Every Week
  • 3 Meals a Day
  • Alternate Meal Options
  • 3 Meals a Day

The Super Foodie plan is just $9.99 per month and The Chef plan is $12.99 per month. We also offer yearly memberships available at a discounted rate.


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Every year we do it. We vow to lose the love handles. We declare an end to those saddlebag thighs. It seems we do well for a week, maybe a month, before we lose ourselves to Valentines Day chocolates. 

This year, and we mean THIS YEAR, get a head start on those resolutions! Here are some tips to inspire you to put down that extra piece of pie and jumpstart your New Year to health!


    Start your days this season with a fresh squeezed veggie juice or smoothie and don’t forget to add some protein! You’re most likely going to have a nice big plate at dinner and nibbles throughout the day, so get the most out of something simple until you chow down!

    Portion control those Christmas plates! Julia Childs once said, “...small helpings, no seconds. A little bit of everything.” You can have butter and salt and sugar, you can try everything the season has to offer, just try to keep it in moderation. Also remember those hot toddies and winter cocktails, have more sugar than anyone needs in a day, so try not to get too drunk on Grandma’s Egg Nog!

    Get out, if you can, for a nice, brisk walk or jog! Nothing too fast or crazy, just a little something to get the blood flowing and calories burning. Even a 20 minute walk can help boost your metabolism enough to burn calories throughout the night.



    If it’s too snowy for cardio, then put on your mittens and hat! Building a snowman burns 285 calories an hour and having a snowball fight burns 319 calories in an hour! Have fun and burn off that ham and pie!


    A light yoga workout can help move along that food you ate, not to mention help one destress from all the bickering so many of us suffer through when family gets together! Here’s a free, light yoga session for beginners. Remember to breathe and don’t forget that the out breath is the most important because you’re releasing all the negativity. It also helps clear your mind when a pose may be a little difficult.